Get Organized


Our products are designed to help you get your information life organized. Our first product, Noah, is a stand-alone personal information manager, or PIM, application. StratoVista is a premium product that builds on Noah's success. If you like Noah you'll love StratoVista. It includes a large number of new features like the Download Controller and the ability to exchange information with Google Web Services like Google Calendar, Blogger, Picasa and Google Docs. To learn more about each application click on the links below.



Gives you premium features not found in Noah, or anywhere else for that matter. It provides a very low cost alternative for individuals and small enterprises to replace their Outlook/Exchange Server or Lotus Notes/Domino solution with a rich client that uses Google Web Services as the "server". Just think about how much money you could save, to say nothing of how much fun you will have saying goodbye to Microsoft! Check out this ZDNET white paper for more details. Also, check out the demos, tutorials and user manual. To purchase StratoVista go here.


Is available as an entirely free download. That's right, no features are turned off, no clock is running, and there's no one bugging you to buy it before it expires . . . because it's free, period. You can download is here